Temporary Parking Information.

Attention Parents,

With the construction North of College Park Elementary School, there will come a time when the road (Shankel Road) directly in front of the school will be closed to all traffic. When this occurs,  there will be no access to the front of CPES, no parking on the road in front of CPES and no access onto Kingsway College campus via Shankel Road. This process will take some time (estimated time line 2-3 months). During this time, an area which is being prepared, will be the temporary staff parking lot on the East side of the school. There will also be a "one way" turn about from the service (dirt, Violet Hall) road. Please know that all the parking spaces will be for staff use, any extra will be for short term parking only. Any parent that needs to visit the school office or is picking up a child may use any of the extra spaces for "15 min" parking. The students will have a short walk way, through an opening in the fence from the "drop off/kiss and ride", to the paved playground area. 

There will be more information coming home as soon as the school administration is aware of the timeline. Email information and "Newsletter" updates will be given once the information has been received. The school is sorry for the inconvenience and we hope that all families will follow the process in using the temporary drop off and parking. 

Please see the link "Temporary Parking Map" which will give you a visual for the process to follow.



Mr. Perkins