Tuition & Financial Information

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Thank you for your interest in College Park Elementary School. For information regarding 2023-2024 tuition rates please contact us


Online Banking:

Parents can log into their bank and choose College Park Elementary School as a payee and pay the school. To set-up College Park Elementary School as a payee, it will ask for parent account number.  You will find it on the College Park Elementary School statement right under your name.


Online Payments:

The following payment methods are available in order of the preferred method. Please select one of the first two options in order to assist us in preventing cross-contamination.  Download CPES Payment Options here. 

1. Online via your online banking application (Preferred)

From your online banking, choose College Park Elementary School as a payee. Enter your account number (found on your CPES statement just below your name).

Parent Note: When making a payment online for items other than tuition, please email ( to inform us that a payment was made, the amount and the reason.

2. E-transfers (Preferred)

3. Debit

4. Cheque

5. Cash


Please contact us if you have any questions.