CPES Payment Options

CPES Payment Options


We thank you for your commitment in helping the school meet its financial obligations. The following payment methods are available in order of the preferred method. We ask that you choose either of the first two options in order to aid us in preventing cross contamination:   



1) Online via your online banking application


From your online banking, choose College Park Elementary School as a payee. Enter your account number (found on your CPES statement just below your name).


Parent Note: When making a payment online for items other than tuition, please email (office@cpes.ca) to inform us that a payment was made, the amount and the reason.



2) E-transfers (etransfers@cpes.ca)


Other options available if necessary

3) Debit

4) Cheque

5) Cash


NOTE: Please note that the pre-authorized payment option is no longer available.


Please email the school office at office@cpes.ca or contact the school Treasurer at treasurer@cpes.ca if you have any questions.